About Us

Following two years of research and development we launched Custom Consoles in 1997, with a range of consoles designed to fit the Classic Mini

Up to this point. The Mini had been around for 38 years and a successful console had never been produced. No-one could solve the problem of

1) How to hide or improve the heater
2) Where to mount stereos, clocks, Cigar Lighters etc
3) How to protect the stereo from the heater
4) How to deal with the "Off Centre" gear lever
5) Most importantly, "Get the design right" to make the console look as if it had always been there, from when it left the factory.

Our success was immediate as mini owners wanted our new and unique product. But we did not rest; we kept developing new colours and fascias to satisfy the inventiveness and enthusiasm of the mini owners. We are now able to supply consoles to cope with all ages of mini, (except MK1) with all the different heater types, for manual & automatics and for left hand drive cars.

We have the ability to produce 4,600 different combinations of console all from stock and despatched within 24 hours.” We are the world leader and centre consoles for Minis" and our products can be found all over the world. Of course, once something has been invented, other will try and copy, so almost certainly all other consoles you may see for sale are a copy of ours with bits left off to get the price down.

We do not fear the competition, because we know our consoles are made of the best materials and will fit properly. Our colour range will give you the match you need for your car and we aim to give the best possible service to you, 7 days a week until 9pm. Our name and phone number are on all our products and instructions.

The story does not end there, as we now have a family of products, all matching, which include

Front centre arm rests
Rear arm rests
Front speaker Pods
Rear under seat speaker boards.

Fit only the ultimate and original centre consoles. Fit a "Custom Consoles"